About Us

When faced with a serious illness, we’re your link.

The journey through Cancer can be long, demanding and draining.
The DL Link is here to share this very lonely burden and help families withstand this crisis.

We involve and educate communities in caring for ill people and their families, embodying
the ideals of compassion, kindness and caring for others inherent in Jewish life.

Love. Hope. Strength. Support

As Devorah Leah Levy, of blessed memory, bravely fought her illness she dreamed of an easier experience for others,
where patients and their families can find respite from the trauma and challenge of serious illness.

DL Link provides a host of comprehensive, professional and expert support services to any member affected by cancer
- patients, their families and friends, to help heal the body, mind and soul.

Our centre is a nurturing space devoted to bring small joys, comfort, guidance and healing to patients and families affected by Cancer.

“The DL Link doesn’t show you that there is life after Cancer, but that there is life DURING Cancer too!”
Roni Hirshowitz, Cancer survivor- DL Link beneficiary




Our Team

Michelle GoodmanCEO
Terri FriedlandGeneral Manager

Gabi JosephPatient Liaison Manager
Frans MaboyaDL Link Driver

Our Mission

We offer a precious fusion of love, care and hope to inspire courage and determination through
lifestyle and emotional support to Patients and their families who are traveling the journey through Cancer.


We Strive To

  • Give an opportunity to seriously ill patients to continue living as happy and ‘normal’ life as possible.
  • We understand that the well-being of a person facing a serious illness is impacted by the
    well-being of the entire family and therefore, provide parents, siblings,
    children and caregivers with respite and support.
  • Provide unparalleled support through the recovery and BEYOND.
  • Offer all services free of charge to ensure every family has access and is linked to
    the programs and support they need throughout the journey.
  • Find ways of bringing joy to the lives of patients and their families through creative, innovative,
    and effective family-centered programs, activities and services, DL LINK links patients and
    their families with the appropriate volunteers.
  • To enable families to withstand crises and challenges of serious illness through programs that
    address emotional, social and psychological needs of the patients, their families and their communities.
    To unload the burden of the family by being able to reach out to an ‘outside’ source for support,
    knowing that you are not on this journey alone.

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Bank: Nedbank

Account No: 1001082818

Branch: Melrose Arch

Branch Code: 196605

Account Name: DL Link

About Us

DL Link is a registered Non-Profit Organisation, 127-480 NPO registration number, Section 18A Registered, PBO Number: 930045278

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