David's Tehillim

The “Psalms of David” – David:

The beloved one. This was the name of King David. He was the King of Israel and was known as “Ne im Zemirot Yisrael”- The sweet singer of Israel and author of the Psalms.

When our loved ones are in pain or sick the numb feeling of fear and worry can be overwhelming and terrifying. Often they have to
undergo surgery or treatments and family members wait in anticipation at the doctors waiting room or outside the theatre anxious
and alone waiting for good news from the surgeon or doctor treating them. The Psalms of David are powerful and provide a medium to open the gates of Heaven to your prayers.
If you would like to book one of our volunteers to support you during this challenging time please click on the link below and submit
your request. We will come to the Hospital or Theatre to support you and the allocated volunteer will daven for you loved one and
say Psalms on their behalf.
“This was designed in the merit of David ben ilana – An autistic boy. May the sweet Psalms of David open the Gates of Heaven for
your loved one and may we be blessed to hear David’s sweet voice.”

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